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About us

St. Matthew’s Research School

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At St. Matthew’s, evidence-based practice is at the dynamic heart of our school. We are eager to spread this vision more widely, as part of the Research Schools Network. As a Research School, we aim to:

  • share the very best evidence-based practice with schools and teachers across the West Midlands through evidence-based training
  • show how research can be implemented successfully and practically in any classroom, using our own school as a model
  • host conferences and events
  • support schools across the region

We work closely with CEFEL, the UKLA and ResearchEd, alongside a range of higher education institutions and many forward-thinking schools and teachers across the United Kingdom.

We are proud to be partners of the Exemplary Leadership Programme (ELP). The ELP is a programme carefully designed for school leaders of all settings to build their school leadership knowledge in very specific domains to effect change. Find out more here

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