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About Us

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Greenshaw Research School works with teachers and leaders in London and the South East to help schools make better use of research evidence to improve the quality of teaching and learning and raise student outcomes.

There is a strong culture of evidence-informed practice at Greenshaw High School, where research informs classroom practice and school decision-making. The Professional Growth programme provides a framework for teachers and support staff to draw upon the findings of research and apply them to their contexts using their judgement and experience.

We can offer specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Curriculum design and assessment
  • Professional Learning, including the disciplined inquiry cycle 
  • Understanding and applying the science of learning to the classroom
  • Disciplinary literacy, including explicit vocabulary teaching
  • Student behaviour
  • Special Educational Needs

We look forward to working with schools, teachers and school improvement partners across the region to make better use of research evidence in the classroom.


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