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Research School Network: Recommended Videos Evidence-based strategies via video on a number of topics

Recommended Videos

Evidence-based strategies via video on a number of topics

Promoting Independence Through Least Help First: Using the TA scaffolding framework for effective interactions in the context of physically distanced classroom

Andy Samways, Director of Unity Research School, presents some of the evidence around Making The Best Use of Teaching Assistants, highlighting strategies and a particularly useful planning tool to find solutions to supporting children’s learning whilst they are physically distanced’.

(Recorded for researchED Norwich 2020)

Andy Samways research ED Norwich MBUT As v4

From Mitigation to Success: Maximising the Achievement of Disadvantaged Learners

This is a recording of the webinar 23 June 2020, hosted by Unity Research School in collaboration with Asset Education.

Marc Rowland (Pupil Premium Adviser, Unity Research School),
Clare Flintoff (CEO, Asset Education)
Phil Palmer (Deputy CEO, Asset Education) 

The panel discussed Tackling Disadvantage and Maximising the Impact of Pupil Premium’ – a subject particularly pertinent during the current pandemic and vital to recovery for education. The presenters compiled evidence and experienced-based strategies to begin the conversation of What does educational recovery look like for our most disadvantaged pupils?’.

Strands discussed include: 

- academic and pastoral assessment of needs
- doing less, but better
- building the right culture – what happens in your school when no-one is looking?
- relational approach with teachers and pupils, parents and teachers, non-teaching staff and pupils – a collective responsibility
- focus on literacy and giving children the vocabulary and oral skills they need to succeed
- ask yourself, Do we now teach to catch-up or whether we teach to give life-skills for the pupils’ futures?”

Tackling Disadvantage From Mitigation to Success J

Supporting documents and resources:

Phil Palmer mentioned: 

Ben Pollard Blog: Reflections: The impact of school closures on disadvantaged students and the attainment gap

Every kid needs a champion Rita Pierson

Marc Rowland linked resources and further reading: 

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Teaching at a distance: 10 Top Tips from Research Evidence

by Andy Samways

This video considers advice shared in a blog by Paul Kirschener which we found useful at the start of the pandemic and continue to utilise whilst the majority of our pupils are taught at a distance.

(Video not displaying below? Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube)

10 Top Tips For Teaching at a Distance Andy Samway

Rosenshine’s Masterclass

Enjoy Tom Sherrington’s@teacherhead Rosenshine Masterclass YouTube Videos on Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction

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