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Papers, Reports & Blogs

Principles of Instruction
Barak Rosenshine (see here for video series)

What makes great teaching? A review of the underpinning research
The Sutton Trust

What will improve a student’s memory?
Daniel Willingham

Understanding Working Memory: A classroom guide
Gathercole and Alloway

The Science of Learning
Deans for Impact

The Science of Early Learning
Deans for Impact

How to use retrieval practice to improve learning
Agarwal, Roediger et al (plus 4 related papers)

Improving students’ learning with effective learning techniques
Dunlosky et al

Strengthening the student toolbox: study strategies to boost learning

Metacognition and self-regulated learning guidance report
Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)

Putting students on the path to learning
Clark, Kirschner & Sweller

Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work
Kirshner, Sweller, Clarke

Test enhanced learning – taking memory tests improves long term retention
Roediger and Karpicke

Cognitive load theory: research that teachers really need to understand
Centre for Education, Statistics & Evaluation: New South Wales Department for Education

Cognitive load theory in practice: examples for the classroom – Centre for Education, Statistics & Evaluation: New South Wales Department for Education

Making Things Hard on Yourself, But in a Good Way: Creating Desirable Difficulties to Enhance Learning – Bjork and Bjork

Practice with purpose – Deans for Learning

Why closing the word gap matters – Oxford Language Report

Daniel Willingham’s archive:

Understanding Working Memory – A Classroom Guide by Professor Susan E. Gathercole & Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway

DfE – Review of best practice in parental engagement – Janet Goodall and John Vorhaus 

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