Research School Network: Mental health matters: translating evidence in to practice in classrooms Impact of young people’s mental health and what we can do to help


Mental health matters: translating evidence in to practice in classrooms

Impact of young people’s mental health and what we can do to help

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This event is finished
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5 December, 2022
15:45 - 17:00

16 January, 2023
15:45 - 17:00

23 February, 2023
15:45 - 17:00

23 March, 2023
15:45 - 17:00

22 May, 2023
15:45 - 17:00

  • With an 81% increase in referrals for children and young people’s mental health services reported last year school staff are increasingly reporting on the challenges they experience around young people’s wellbeing and ability to engage with learning.

    In response to this increasing need, Unity Teaching School Hub, Unity Research School and the Psychology in Schools Team (Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, NSFT) are working together to deliver a programme of seven interactive training sessions for education staff on young people’s mental health identifying how it might impact their engagement in the classroom, and what staff can do to help. It is hoped that these training sessions will enhance staff’s knowledge and confidence with managing the current challenges they are experiencing, providing them with practical ways they can support young people every-day as part of their routine classroom practice.

    The programme is produced in collaboration with school staff to ensure that the content feels relevant to the current issues school staff face and the skills taught are transferable to the classroom with ease. The sessions will include up-to-date information, grounded in the appropriate theory and research, and will be delivered by experienced clinicians working in the NHS with young people presenting with mental health need. The hope is the content will de-mystify mental health for school staff and develop new skills to support them every day in the classroom as they juggle the demanding role of educating children but also supporting them pastorally.

    Dr Beth Mosley MBE (Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NSFT) who is leading on the project with Andy Samways (Director of Teaching School Hub, Unity Schools Partnership), explains:

    The more we can work together to support young people the better, this is a great opportunity for education and health to share their knowledge and skills and be proactive in supporting our young people as they face the challenges of life”.

    The series of twilight sessions, each lasting 75 minutes, will be easily accessible through a virtual platform. They will provide participants the opportunity to grow knowledge on such a vital aspect of learning in schools and consider ways to implement evidence-informed practice in their context. The series launches in November and runs through the autumn and spring term to support participants in schools across Suffolk.

    The topic areas, which are designed to cover material and practical application for staff working in primary, secondary and special schools includes:
  • The essentials to know about young people and the developing brain
  • Supporting emotion regulation in the classroom
  • Communication strategies- how to get the best out of young people
  • Understanding the function of behaviour and opportunities for support
  • Adverse childhood experiences and the importance of relational strategies
  • Anxiety in focus; proactive and reactive strategies
  • Building resilience and helping young people thrive
  • Current challenges for today’s young people
Mental health

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