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Help & Support

We are here to help.

Unity Research School would like to offer its support during this difficult and unprecedented time. Whilst we have suspended all face-to-face training and activity, we continue to operate remotely. If you have any questions or require support, please contact us: researchschool@​unitysp.​co.​uk or use our Contact Page. We will direct your enquiry to the person best placed to help who will contact you as soon as practical; we recognise everyone is working unusual hours and under unusual conditions, as is the case with us too. 

We are following the Government’s advice on when we may be able to resume normal activity. In the meantime, we will continue to signpost useful resources and will add some of our own from time-to-time. We are building a library of evidence-based resources that you can read, listen to or watch at home which can help teachers and teaching assistants to enhance pedagogy and practice and are a great source of information for school leaders when making strategic decisions – these can be found in our Library which is being expanded as often as possible.

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There are many wonderful resources that companies are generously sharing during these strange times. It can be hard to sift your way through, deciding which are worth using and which are founded in evidence. We wanted to highlight 2 in particular.

EEF Resources

In response to the unprecedented closure of schools to most pupils, The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has produced a set of resources designed to be used by schools and parents/​carers to support home learning. These are all based on the evidence-based recommendations of our Guidance Reports.

For schools, there are helpful planning prompts and other practical tools. There are also useful resources for schools to share with parents who are looking to support their children’s learning – from establishing home learning routines to shared reading help, to handy tips for supporting maths in the home.


InnerDrive use psychological research to help people achieve their potential in Education, Business and Sport. They specialise in the application of growth mindset, metacognition, the science of learning, memory, brain management and stress management strategies to improve motivation, learning and confidence. InnerDrive have produced a Lockdown 6‑Pack’ series of topical blogs for teachers, parents and pupils. They are neatly packaged into related topics – engaging, well presented and easy to read.; great to share with parents and pupils. They cover a variety of topics and each one series is accompanied by a free pack of posters that you can download and print off. 

They also have a mental health awareness set of resources for teachers, parents and pupils.

For Teachers

  • Developing Independent Learners
  • Growth Mindset & Study Habits
  • 5 Ways to Motivate Others
  • 4 Ways to Improve Mindfulness
  • 8 Ways to Cope with Change
  • 6 Ways to Reduce Stress
  • Looking after your mental health during lockdown
  • Stress management strategies
  • Mental health awareness for teachers

For Parents

  • How (Not) to Praise Your Child
  • FOMO, Stress and Sleeplessness: Are Smartphones Bad for Students?
  • 9 Common Sleep Mistakes
  • 6 Ways to Reduce Stress
  • The Best Two Gifts You Can Give Your Children
  • How To Help Students Form New Habits
  • Looking after your mental health during lockdown
  • Stress management strategies
  • Mental health awareness for parents

For Students

  • 5 Ways to Better Manage Your Gaming Time
  • 5 Ways to Manage Your Phone Better
  • 9 Common Sleep Mistakes
  • 8 Ways to Cope With Change
  • How Prepared Are You to Learn
  • The 7 Psychological Benefits of Students Eating Breakfast
  • Looking after your mental health during lockdown
  • Stress management strategies
  • Mental health awareness for students

Free printable worksheets to help students with goal setting and developing a good routine while learning from home can be downloaded here.

Many mindset blogs are freely available to read, including What is the Ideal Home Learning Environment?’ which applies to working at home too.

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Our Resources:

  • At A Glance EEF GR+ – Condensed EEF Guidance Report recommendations, with extra signposts to blogs, books, podcasts and relevant people to follow on Twitter
  • Making Connections – one page PDFs on working memory and a related topic – written by Andy Samways, Director of Unity Research School
  • 10 Top Tips For Distance Teaching – Andy Samways presents 10 top tips for distance teaching and learning based on research evidence from Paul A Kirschner and Carl Hendrick in particular.

Recommended Reads:

Recommended Videos:


  • Podcasts from renowned and well-respected professionals from the edu-research world on a variety of engaging subjects such as metacognition.
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On Hold But Not Offline

Whilst we can’t offer face-to-face CPD we are looking into alternatives such as online CPD. In the meantime, Unity Professional Development has put together this list of sources of CPD that you can access at home, many of them evidence-informed. There are books, podcasts and videos (as listed in our library), but other online sources and courses too. Please feel free to download the pdf document below.

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Read more about


Oak National Academy

We have been asked to share this resource – we have not studied this resource thoroughly and therefore it is not endorsed by us as of yet. We hope this resource is useful and look forward to looking at it more closely ourselves.

Oak National Academy is a new online classroom and resource hub, available to support every teacher and pupil in the country, in response to the coronavirus crisis. Until schools re-open, it will support teachers to continue to provide their pupils with high-quality, structured learning.

The lessons and resources have been developed by teachers, for teachers. 40 teachers are producing over 180 online lessons each week. They will cover core subjects from maths and English, to art and languages. Freely available for every teacher and pupil, it will extend from mainstream early years reception through to year 10. We will also be expanding our resources to include support for teachers in specialist settings.“All resources, lessons and more information can be accessed here: find out more please see their information for teachers and schools or information for parents and pupils.

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