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Staffordshire Research School

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The Staffordshire Research School is based at John Taylor High School, an outstanding secondary school, near Burton on Trent in Staffordshire.

We are a fully comprehensive school and a partner school within the John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust, as well as being home to the National Forest Teaching school. We pride ourselves on having grown and embedded our own evidence-informed culture. We have worked hard to develop a strong and supportive reputation for working collaboratively with schools, MATs and organisations across the West and East Midlands, and for delivering a wide range of high-quality training to teachers and school leaders with one ultimate goal in mind – to improve outcomes for all students. Our particular areas of expertise include Literacy, Teaching & Learning CPD and Leadership.

We are both excited and proud to be part of the Research Schools Network in collaboration with the Education Endowment Foundation and the Institute for Effective Education. We look forward to sharing our own MAT-wide experiences, as well as providing teachers and leaders with the support and tools they require to effectively put emerging research into practice in their own unique contexts.

As a Research School, our core purpose is to:

  • Share and disseminate the very best of evidence-based practice through our website, blogs, newsletter and social media (@JTStaffsRSch).
  • Provide evidence-based training to support teachers and leaders to make evidence-informed decisions
  • Host conferences and other events
  • Develop innovations that help improve practice in our classrooms
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