Research School Network: User group invitation Help us shape our future programmes

User group invitation

Help us shape our future programmes

by Shotton Hall Research School
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We have previously written about five questions that guide our work including are we responding to local needs?’. To help us achieve this, we are inviting colleagues we work with to join our user group. This is for anyone who engages with our work inside or outside of our trust, whether you are a facilitator of our programmes, work in one of our trust schools, or have attended our events or professional development programmes.

We want a diverse group of colleagues who we can inform and consult about our work. Being part of this group will allow you to influence our work for the better, and also help you to stay up-to-date with the latest local and national developments.

The commitment from joining our user group will be small, but it will make a real difference. We will send you periodic updates, probably each half-term, about key aspects of our work, and we will also consult you about specific issues. For instance, what is the best time to offer certain professional development? What are your priorities for improvement? How well do you think particular things are going?

There will be no requirement to meet in person – or over Teams – but we will value and act on the feedback that you give us. So, if this is something that you would like to get involved with, then please sign up.

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