Research School Network: e‑Learning tools: video tutorials for teachers by Roger Higgins, Director of Norwich Research School

e‑Learning tools: video tutorials for teachers

by Roger Higgins, Director of Norwich Research School

by Norwich Research School
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I’ve written for the Research Schools Network about our school’s approach to delivering e‑Learning during the COVID-19 closure. We are encouraging our teachers to re-use available content wherever appropriate, to help them manage their workload. The launches of the Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize daily lessons are most welcome in this respect; however our curriculum may not always align with such resources. Additionally, we feel that our e‑Learning provision needs these elements (see EEF home learning planning framework for more details):

  • Maintenance of student-teacher relationships
  • Modelling worked examples which align with our curriculum (see helpful EEF planning framework)
  • Mechanisms for gauging whether students are doing the work’
  • A formative assessment mechanism that shows our teachers how well new content has been understood
  • Feedback from teachers to students on their work.

In this blog I share some video tutorials we’ve developed for our own staff on using e‑Learning tools, in the hope that these are of some use to others. I also share a link to some research into what other schools are doing for e‑Learning.

Caution! Things to bear in mind if you are considering enhancing e‑Learning for students

In terms of what research evidence has to say about e‑Learning, the EEF’s rapid evidence review is a very useful starting point. However we also gave consideration to risks, unknowns, what other schools are doing, and fit and feasibility for our school:

Snip table 3

Click here for our summary of what other schools are doing. Note: the commentary is based on our context, so treat with caution!

What will enhanced e‑Learning look like at our school?

This is quite specific to our own context; however it puts our tutorials into context:

Snip table 2

Our tutorials on using e‑Learning tools

We’ve developed the video tutorials linked in this document to support our staff in using the e‑Learning tools which we believe are most appropriate in our context, in consultation with those staff. These alone are insufficient as CPD for staff to become proficient in using the tools – even ignoring the quality! We recommend that you refer to the EEF’s guidance on teacher CPD if you are tempted to make use of them.

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