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North Yorkshire Coast Research School

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Settrington All Saints’ primary school is the designated Research School for the North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area.

We are very proud to take a role in supporting a school-led system as part of a committed and growing network across our region. We work collaboratively with other research schools and associate research schools to support the use of evidence-based practice in schools.

Since designation in 2017, we have expanded our collaborative reach to not only include the North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity area of the Borough of Scarborough, but have also worked with schools in Ryedale, Hull and East Riding, to date we have worked with in excess of 100 schools across a varied range of projects.

A key strength, and particular interest, for our school is research in mathematics. Published research has included an NCETM project (around Y2/3 transition in maths), using online platforms for reading discussion groups and dyslexia in mathematics. We also lead a Maths KS2/3 transition project that has over 50 schools, across 3 geographical areas participating.

Our annual conference takes place in January and brings a range of expert speakers to the coastal area.

We are always happy to dicuss school improvement using evidence based research,please do get in touch if you would like to participate in any of our projects.


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