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Norfolk Research School at Notre Dame High School

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Norfolk Research School at Notre Dame High School works alongside teachers to support staff and leaders in all Norfolk schools to develop the use of effective research to further improve teaching and learning in our area.

NDHS Norwich has a strong culture of using research proven methods in teaching and learning, and its peer-driven, collaborative CPD programme helps to ensure that evidence-based methods are integrated into everyday practice. However, we are aware that research offers no silver bullets, and we aim for marginal gains informed by robust evaluation.

We have particular experience in:

  • Using external evidence and staff consultation to break habituated practices, and develop successful, subject-specific marking and feedback policies.
  • Employing metacognition strategies to help develop independent learners, and increase the effectiveness of marking and feedback.
  • Embedding approaches from cognitive science into teaching and learning to improve retrieval and retention, and to support student study.
  • Nurturing a mature leadership approach that encourages staff to take informed risks within a safe fail” environment.

If best bets” from research are to be fully integrated within the classroom, they need to be translated into practical approaches, and fine-tuned within context. We believe that the people who will do this most effectively are the practitioners themselves.


To find out more about the support, training and events we offer, get in touch at research@​ndhs.​org.​uk or sign up to receive news and updates from our newsletter.

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