Research School Network: Applying the Evidence to School Closures Stories and guidance from across the Research Schools Network

Applying the Evidence to School Closures

Stories and guidance from across the Research Schools Network

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The Research Schools Network and our funder, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) have been working hard to ensure schools can continue to use the evidence and receive support during school closures and beyond.

Our Network of 40 Research Schools is comprised of a wide variety of current and former school staff and teachers, with a range of expertise and experience, who have produced more than 70 blogs and videos focused on school closures and distance learning over the past few months.

These have complimented and built on the work of the EEF, demonstrating how their guidance and research can be applied in a wide variety of contexts – describing case studies and broad principles and highlighting the latest research, from early years to secondary, when supporting pupils with SEND and more.

The EEF has produced two rapid evidence assessments examining the research around remote learning and the likely impact of school closures on the attainment gap. They have also produced a wide range of resources to help schools apply the evidence to distance learning and to continue effectively engaging with parents and carers.

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And read (and watch) some of the highlights from the Research Schools Network:

Impacts to the gap and what to do about it

Remote learning challenges & strategies

Questioning, Feedback and Assessment


Supporting Parents

Providing CPD

EEF’s Rapid Evidence Assessment on Distance Learning (and implications for schools)

Early Years and Primary

Secondary Focus

Pupils with SEND

Metacognition and Self-Regulation

Social and Emotional Learning

Other webinars, recommended resources and free CPD

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