09 Feb 2017

Schools inspired to be part of the Kyra Research School story

Schools inspired to be part of the Kyra Research School story

Eighty delegates from schools across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire attended the first Kyra Research School Conference on Friday 3 February.

Keynote speaker, Professor Steve Higgins, University of Durham and lead author of the Sutton Trust and Education Endowment Foundation Teaching and Learning Toolkit, spoke about how research evidence can be used to improve educational outcomes.

Conference delegate John Beavan, a Headteacher at a local primary school, said about the keynote:

“While I’ve used the Teaching and Learning Toolkit many times before, I found Steve Higgins’s presentation really interesting; especially to hear how the month’s impact was formulated and how I could read the research behind each strand.”

The keynote was followed by interactive workshops and networking which gave delegates the chance to explore and discuss the three themes of the conference – teach, research, innovate:

Effective talk in primary classrooms by David Reedy

Evidence in practice for busy middle leaders by Jane Elsworth and Stephen Foreman

Using research for disciplined innovation by James Siddle

Self-regulation strategy development: a case study of research in a secondary school by Laura McQuade

– The pen green paradigm: practitioner research in the Early Years by Felicity Norton

Juliet Brookes, R&D leader for Kyra Teaching School, said:

“Today’s launch conference is the beginning of the Kyra Research School story and we are feeling very excited. Together we aim to inspire engagement, build partnerships, identify local champions, grow capacity and plan for sustainability because we are ambitious for children and are committed to bridging the gap between evidence and practice.”

Learn more about what happened on the day by clicking here to read the conference report and clicking here to watch a video.

To find out more about the Kyra Research School offer, and be part of the story, visit the Kyra Research School website.