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Research School Network: COVID-19 Update Information about our operations

COVID-19 Update

Information about our operations

by Kyra Research School
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In response to the unprecedented closure of schools to most pupils, the EEF has produced a set of resources designed to be used by schools and parents/​carers to support home learning. These are all based on the evidence-based recommendations of our Guidance Reports.

For schools, there are helpful planning prompts and other practical tools. There are also useful resources for schools to share with parents who are looking to support their children’s learning – from establishing home learning routines to shared reading help, to handy tips for supporting maths in the home.

The full suite of resources is available by clicking here, and comes under three main headings:

  1. Support resources for school. To help support home learning and maximise the impact of work set, the EEF has produced some initial planning and reflection tools, below. Click here to access the full list of resources.
  2. Support resources to share with parents. Resources to help schools communicate with parents/​carers, as well as resources schools can share with families to support home routines and valuable learning opportunities, such as shared reading. Click here to access the full list of resources.
  3. Best evidence on supporting students to learn remotely. The EEF rapid evidence assessment examines the existing research (from 60 systematic reviews and meta-analyses) for approaches that schools could use, or are already using, to support the learning of pupils while schools are closed due to Covid-19. Click here to access the full article.

There is also a list of other useful links available here:

During the current circumstances around Coronavirus (COVID-19), Kyra Research School will continue to operate remotely to the fullest extent possible. 

We are suspending face to face training and activity, including CPD. If and when it is appropriate, online platforms may be used to allow meetings or training to continue. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis and we will communicate directly with you if this affects you. We aim to resume normal activity once the national situation allows.

The Kyra Research School team are currently continuing to operate, and if you have any queries you can contact us by email on research@​kyrateachingschool.​com, where we will respond to you as soon as we are able. We will share information through social media channels and this website.

Government guidance is available here:

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