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Kingsbridge Research School

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Kingsbridge Research School is committed to developing a culture of evidence-based practice in schools across the south-west. Our work in classrooms as well as our programme of professional development with the Research Schools Network is putting educational research into practice and improving learning experiences and prospects for all students. By disseminating the existing evidence base and innovating new research projects to test the effectiveness of educational interventions, technologies and classroom practices, we aim to break down the barriers that have traditionally existed between high quality educational research and what really happens in classrooms.

As a Research School, we provide colleagues across the region with the information and tools they need to engage with the existing research base in ways that will allow them to process, test and apply interventions for themselves without impacting on their ability to deal with the day-to ‑day challenges of teaching. Working with our partners we are establishing a network of schools with the confidence to take forward new and developing research projects as well as innovate their own classroom interventions to test and share with colleagues across the teaching profession.

We aim to shift the focus of schools to what the evidence suggests really works for young people. Where questions exist over the efficacy of specific and often longstanding practices, we aim to put these practices to the test in our own school contexts and empower teachers to find out what really works for them and their students.

Who’s Who in Kingsbridge Research School?

Jon Eaton is Director of Kingsbridge Research School. Freya Morrissey is Deputy Director. Andy Brumby and John Rogers lead Cornwall Associate Research School.

Alison King is our Project Manager.

Our Evidence Leads in Education (ELEs):

Scott Davies, Director of Literacy, Westcountry Schools Trust

Zoe Milligan, Oldway Primary School

Freya Morrissey, Teign School

Helen Thorneycroft, Kingsbridge Community College

Debbie Weible, Oldway Primary School

Sandra Westlake, Dartmouth Academy

We are all designated Evidence Leads in Education (ELE), which means we have attended and continue to attend rigorous EEF training and deep dives’ into the evidence. As well as this, we all lead training programmes based around our specialities. Although single specialities are listed here, many of us are trained in several different areas, so our range includes behaviour, curriculum, SEN and Collaborative Learning amongst other things.


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