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Great Heights Research School: West Yorkshire

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The Great Heights Research School – led by Jessica Mellor, draws on a team of Evidence Champions with track records for excellence in the use of research and development, to deliver sustainable school improvement strategies, build capacity and improve outcomes for learners.

The Research School will provide a rich source of expertise for the region and aims to develop GREAT lifelong teachers and learners.

Gratified- development structures establish a climate that enables staff to feel safe when trialling new strategies. The explore phase of the implementation cycle ensures that there is consideration of what and how current initiatives are working in line with capacity and resources to manage workload and wellbeing.

Responsive- the distinctiveness and uniqueness of every school that we work with is celebrated. Free from a one size fits all approach we work together to respond to key priorities and challenges. Consideration is given to the levels of expertise of staff and how their needs can be met.

Evidence informed- all of our work is underpinned by the latest research evidence about what makes a difference in the classroom. This is combined with professional judgement and a strong focus on principles of effective implementation. Opportunities to contribute to evidence generation are championed

Ambitious- We are ambitious for all the staff and pupils we work with. Staff are signposted to opportunities to encourage career progression. By developing great teachers and leaders we maintain a commitment to ambitious outcomes for every child – whatever their socio-economic background.

Teamwork- Professional development structures develop communities of practice within and across schools. Through collaboration we share expertise and evidence-based practice to find collective solutions.


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