Research School Network: Recruiting: Primary Evidence Leads in Education We are looking to expand our newly appointed team of ELEs, with some primary based ELEs.

Recruiting: Primary Evidence Leads in Education

We are looking to expand our newly appointed team of ELEs, with some primary based ELEs.

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New opportunity to join the Durrington Research School Team

The Durrington Research School, is seeking to increase our outstanding team and recruit a number of primary based Evidence Leads in Education (ELE). Next year we are planning to further develop our regional work across West Sussex, East Sussex, Brighton and Hove and Kent, so we need to expand the capacity of our team. The ELEs will contribute to evidence informed school improvement and will be designated by Durrington Research School. ELEs will continue to work in their own school as they currently do, but will be deployed to work with other schools, as directed by the Durrington Research SchoolIn this recruitment round we are interested in both primary and secondary teachers, who would be able to travel and work with schools in the region described above, with a particular focus in West Sussex.

What do you need to be an ELE?

You need to be a high performing primary teacher, middle or senior leader, with the skills and passion to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools.You will need to have a very deep understanding of what evidence informed practice looks like and have this embedded in your own practice. You will also be skilled in helping other teachers and leaders to achieve this in their own context.

Some Examples of ELE Deployments

ELE roles

Duration: There is no pre-defined time commitment for ELE work as models and types of deployment will vary according to need and capacity.

Commitment: successful applicants must have a commitment to outreach work, the capacity to undertake such work, with the full support of their Headteacher.

Cost: There is no cost to apply. Successful applicants will be entitled to some training at no cost to their school. When outreach is planned and booked the research school will cover all costs to the ELE’s home school, including supply cover.

Next Steps: If you are interested in working with us as a primary ELE please discuss it with your headteacher in the first place. If you have their support, email Shaun Allison (Director of Durrington Research School) for further details and an application form – sallison@​durring.​com . Please include your current school name and address in the email.

PLEASE NOTE: In this recruitment round we are only inviting applications from primary teachers/​leaders.

Deadline for applications is Monday 29th June at 3pm

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