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Early Career Teacher Development Programme

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This is a CPD programme comprising three twilight sessions aimed at early-career teachers or ECTs (year 2 to year 5).

Research suggests that professional context plays a large role in recruitment and retention of early-years teachers. Schools with high levels of retention are those where teachers feel they are working in a supportive CPD environment that enables them to develop their effectiveness both in their classrooms and a wider context.

The twilights (one hour each) will deliver on two levels. Firstly, to give early-career teachers an opportunity to identify an area of their practice that they would like to develop and share across their school, and thus develop their leadership potential beyond their own classroom. Secondly, we will help the ECTs to focus their planning on an area that is part of their department or school’s improvement plan, and thus support the individual school and its leaders with specific contextual needs.

The programme will be underpinned by engagement with research findings to help ensure that resultant practice is evidence-informed.

Twilight Sessions

Twilight 1: Tuesday 5th February 2019

In this session we will use evidence-based ideas around deliberate practice to explore how to develop and embed expertise in the classroom. We will also identify a potential focus areas for ECTs, with a particular eye on how to put themselves in a strong position to take on their first leadership role. This will focus on an areas of their practice that they wish to develop and then share more widely within their team.

Twilight 2: Wednesday 3rd April 2019

In this second session we will work with ECTs on how to make best use of research evidence to inform teaching practice. We will look at what research evidence does and does not do, how to select the best evidence to use, and how to fit the research evidence that is available to specific contexts. The ECTs will also have the opportunity to discuss strategies for handling the challenges of working in a new role with the same team, negotiating the resultant change in dynamic with colleagues and prioritising a different workload.

Twilight 3: Tuesday 2nd July 2019

In this final session the ECTs will start to write an implementation plan (based on the EEF implementation guidance report) ready to share back at their schools with school leaders. This will focus on sharing an aspect of their practice more widely or leading on a small project within their team.The ECTs will also hear advice via a case study from a school leader who has been in role for one year.

Time:4pm – 5.30pm

Venue: The Research Centre, Durrington High School, The Boulevard, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1JX

Cost: £50 per ECT for the whole programme.

Led by: Fran Haynes (Assistant Director of Research School) & Rebecca Owen (Deputy Leader of Science)

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For further details please contact Lisa Edwards on ledwards4@​durring.​com

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