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About Us

Durrington Research School

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As a Research School our core purpose is to: 

  • share and disseminate the very best of evidence-informed practice to schools and teachers across the south of England
  • help teachers and leaders to mobilise the research evidence that is out there, into their classrooms
  • provide evidence-informed training around a range of themes.
    host conferences and events
  • support schools, Initial Teacher Training and Teaching Schools in the region
  • develop innovations that help improve practice in the classroom, so that all of our students get a great education
  • provide training and facilitate collaboration for Research Leads’ in schools.

We are very proud to take a role in supporting a school-led system as part of a dynamic network across the region and the country. Working closely with the Institute for Effective Education and the Education Endowment Foundation, alongside a range of higher education institutions and many forward-thinking schools and teachers across the United Kingdom, we will support the aim of developing an evidence-based profession that sees teachers empowered by accessible tools based on research evidence.


To find out more about the support, training and events we offer, get in touch or sign up to receive news and updates from our newsletter.

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