Doncaster Research School is no longer active. We are continuing to support schools in the region through the wider Research School Network.

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About Us

Doncaster Research School by Partners in Learning

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Doncaster Research School by Partners in Learning aims to lead the way in the use of evidence informed practice by bringing research closer to schools.

Through our existing networks, we work with and alongside leaders and teachers to promote and share what we know about putting research into practice, supporting schools to make better use of evidence to inform their teaching and learning, leading to better outcomes for pupils.

We will:

Encourage schools to generate new learning by make use of evidence-based programmes and practices through regular communication and signposting content.

Support schools to select and synthesise the evidence in relation to their context, connect it with practice and give leaders the knowledge and expertise to evaluate their impact.

Provide training and professional learning for leaders and teachers on how to innovate, develop and enhance classroom practice and pupils’ learning experiences, based on the best available evidence.

Promote the development of an evidence informed profession by creating a system wide culture of learning and enquiry, enabling teachers and leaders to make evidence-informed decisions and choices. 

Empower colleagues with the skills and knowledge to become a collaborative of evidence-informed practitioners with the commitment and confidence to learn with and from others on a regional, national and global stage.


To find out more about the support, training and events we offer, get in touch or sign up to receive news and updates from our newsletter.

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