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Research School Network: School Support Work Engaging Support with our Evidence Leaders in Education (ELEs)

School Support Work

Engaging Support with our Evidence Leaders in Education (ELEs)

Derby Research School

School Support Across the East Midlands

The Derby Research School is excited to be able to share with you a whole range of training programmes, bespoke partnership offers and immersion days where we support schools in being able to engage with research and translate evidence into tangible next steps for teaching and learning.

Evidence engagement is a hot topic with even Ofsted themselves demonstrating that their new framework is research based with their most recent publication of the Education Inspection Framework: Overview of Research.’ There is wealth of research out there about what makes teaching most impactful, particularly for our most vulnerable learners. 

The role of the Research School Network is to support them in accessing high quality evidence and implementing it well into classrooms.
This is the mission that has been set to us by the EEF and we are so pleased that we get to work with such amazing practitioners, schools, MATs and local authority all passionate about making a difference for our children and learners. 

As the Research School has grown, so has our scope and we work increasingly with schools across the East Midlands, including Derbyshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, and beyond.

Core Programme Offer

What’s the difference between the core programme offer and the school support offer?

We have a range of core training programmes available on our Events page, which you can book online for yourself or your team. We regularly update this page with new sessions and if you sign up to our newsletter you will be kept in the loop for new development opportunities. 

To support schools in engaging with our core programme offers, we have introduced some pricing options that you may want to take advantage of:

George Spencer Trust Schools - One free place for every full cost place booked

MATs – For every full cost place booked, there will be one free place available for a member of the central team

Three schools + from a MAT3 for 2 offer. One free place for every two full cost places booked

Our School support offer is different to the bookable events on our website, school support will be in the form of ELE deployment. Our ELEs will work with you and your teams on a bespoke programme tailored to your CPD needs. 

2021 - 2022 Core Programme Offer

ELE Deployment Offer

What Bespoke Support Options are Available From our ELEs?

We are able to offer extended school support through our talented team of Evidence Leads in Education (ELEs). All of our ELEs are outstanding teachers, who are also middle and senior leaders, with the skills to support individuals and teams in similar positions in other schools. ELEs are experts in using research and evidence to inform practice in the classroom, and combine their knowledge, interpersonal skills, and coaching skills to help to make evidence-based practice a reality in as many schools as possible.

Our Expertise Cover the following topics, but the list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Literacy
  • Cross Phase Expertise EYFS – P16
  • Numeracy
  • Range of Subject Specialists
  • Expertise in all EEF Guidance Report Topics
  • Curriculum Design/​Curriculum development
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • SEND
  • LGBT+ Inclusion
  • Initial teacher Training

Our ELEs have significant experience and expertise in all of the EEF Guidance Reports below. If you are looking for bespoke support on any of the evidence bases in the Guidance Reports, please contact us to discuss how we can support your school needs further: admin.​derby@​researchschool.​org.​uk

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EEF Guidance Reports

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How Much Does School Support Cost?

The costs below are indicative but may alter depending on the ELE supporting and the nature of support required. For more information please contact us: admin.​derby@​researchschool.​org.​uk

Coaching – Full Day


Coaching – Half Day


ELE Brokerage E.g. Deep Dive

£500+ (1 Day)

Whole School Training Offer

£150 ( 1 Hour)

Staff Meeting

£150 (1 Hour)

INSET Training Session

£150 (1 Hour)