Research School Network: OA Twinning: Ashfield and Mansfield Offer Exclusive for Schools of Ashfield and Mansfield

OA Twinning: Ashfield and Mansfield Offer

Exclusive for Schools of Ashfield and Mansfield

by Derby Research School
on the

Red Hill Teaching School Hub, the Derby Research School and the EEF are pleased to work in partnership with the Opportunity Area and Nottinghamshire County Council to support with the delivery of this bespoke suite of training opportunities. Delivered over the Spring and Summer terms, these fully funded programmes will share the best available evidence underpinning the most effective teaching and leadership and delve into practical examples of what this look like in practice.

Take a look through the range of opportunities coming up this year and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Amy Ford, Deputy Director

Sec Lit OA

SECONDARY: Disciplinary Literacy Leadership Training…

Following EEF’s Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools Guidance Report, the sessions will focus on the critical themes around: assessing reading fluency and implementing interventions; explicit teaching of vocabulary and oracy across the curriculum; creating a love of reading’ culture.

Two members can attend, allowing for collaboration between a literacy/​English lead
and another subject/​faculty leader to support wider implementation across the
whole curriculum.

Booking Details: Please find Booking Form Here

1) Launch: Leadership Audit and Articulation of Priorities
To start identifying needs in our settings and invite reflection, a baseline audit will be provided to directly inform action planning.

2) Core Modules:
The sessions are for both a literacy lead alongside a colleague from another subject area to support cross-disciplinary implementation

The 3 direct input sessions will be followed by a Twilight Coaching Session to mobilise the evidence and strategies in our settings, and continuously share best practice (see details below)

- Core Session 1 Disciplinary Literacy and Explicit Vocabulary Instruction
25th April 8.30am‑3.30pm

‑Twilight 1 – Coaching Session
5th May 3.304.30pm

-Core Session 2 Reading Complex Academic Texts
25th May 8.30am‑3.30pm

-Twilight 2 – Coaching Session
9th June 3.304.30pm

‑Core Session 3 Disciplinary Writing – Breaking down complex academic tasks
23rd June 8.30am‑3.30pm

-Twilight – Coaching Session

4th July 3.304.30pm

3) Coaching: Each school will receive a coaching session in their setting to support effecting change in your setting (June –July 2022)

4) Exit Audit and Action Planning for Sustainability (20222023)

Who: This event is open secondary heads of department, literacy leads 

Cost: OA Funded for schools of Mansfield and Ashfield secondaries 

Facilitators: Geraldine McCauley, Amy Ford 

Venue: Blended

Booking Details:
Please find Booking Form Here


PRIMARY: Recovery Maths – Curriculum…

Engage with our local Maths Hub to support how we adapt our curriculum planning to support recovery

The NCETM has recently published a substantial curriculum prioritisation resource for 2021/22, consisting of a curriculum map for each of Years 1 – 6 with accompanying downloadable PowerPoints (currently available for the first units). 

This wrap around course takes maths leaders and each phase across the school setting through a journey of self-audit to develop a curriculum that covers the full mathematics national curriculum but also prioritises those areas covered by the ready-to-progress criteria from the DfE guidance.

This programme is fully asynchronous and materials will be released for use of the Maths Subject Leader and for use within school training sessions – CLICK HERE to secure your place

Dates for Launch of Materials:
- 22nd April: Launch Webinar for the Maths Lead and a strategic lead
- 27th April: Core Training for the Maths Lead (1)
- WB 2nd May: Live Surgery Drop In Sessions
- Phase Specific Dives: Workshops for all phases
- Maths lead to attend all Year 5 and 6: 9th May (2x 1 hour training sessions)
Year 3 and 4: 16th May (2x 1 hour training sessions)
Year 1 and 2: 23rd
May (2x 1 hour training sessions)
- WB 20th June: Live Surgery Drop In Sessions

- 4th July: Core Training for the Maths Lead (2)

Core Exit Audit and Action Planning for Sustainability

Schools can onboard to receive materials up until 27th May 2021 to allow for self-access of training

Exclusive the Derby OA and Ashfield and Mansfield Schools – CLICK HERE to secure your place

Memoryu in maths

CROSS-PHASE: Teaching for Memory in…

Knowing more and remembering more in Maths

Following the success of our March event, we are repeating this fully funded webinar event – Join us for this short course event in Teaching for Memory in Maths’ – over two afternoon sessions, delve into the evidence base around memory and retention, and what the strongest research says about effective practice in maths. Explore practical strategies to boost your practice and support learners in retaining those important fluency facts. Helping pupils to know more and remember more. 

Session 113th June 2022, 1 – 4pm
Unpicking theory on memory and memorisation, cognitive load, plus executive function

Session 24th July 2022, 1 – 4pm
Exploring practical strategies for reducing cognitive load in Maths lessons, reducing reliance on memorisation, and supporting recall. We will also look at the importance of fluency in arithmetic and times-tables and strategies for supporting this.

Who is this for?
Primary and Secondary practitioners and subject leaders
OA Funded
Booking Details:
Please Find Booking Form Here
Remote – Zoom

Facilitator: Marc North
Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham

I am currently teaching on the PGCE Primary programme, which includes a range of inputs on general learning theory, subject-specific content, and various pedagogies relating to principles of effective teaching practice.’

Supp recov

Supporting Recovery – Middle Leader…

A free six module programme, designed to support school leaders to make purposeful use of educational evidence

Recovery Curriculum

A free six module programme, designed to support school leaders to make purposeful use of educational evidence and identify areas for development and enact strategies to improve teaching and learning.

The programme is suitable for leaders and middle leaders from all phases
who are not familiar with using the tiered model and are keen to explore what evidence suggests are the best bet’ approaches and strategies for making evidence informed choices.

Each 90 minute session will be tailored to address challenges and opportunities in your local region, exploring high quality teaching, targeted interventions and wider strategies as well as planning and implementing your school’s approach to education recovery.

Guidance around using research to identify potential approaches to educational recovery will also be provided, alongside worked examples of how to put new initiatives into practice.

Who: for leaders and middle leaders from all phases
Cost: DfE and EEF Funded

25th April 9.30am – 11.00am – Online Event
16th May 9.30am – 11.00am – Online Event (amended date – SATs week)
26th May 9.30am – 11.00am – Online Event
16th June 9.30am – 11.00am – Online Event
30th June 9.30am – 11.00am – Online Event
13th July 9.30am – 11.00am – Online Event

: Tammy Elward, Amy Ford and Mary Alice Lloyd
: Remote

Booking Details
: Please find Booking Form Here

T As

Leading Teaching Assistants

Reviewing and Improving How We Train and Deploy our TAs

Our Spring cohort of TA Training and Leadership training series has already commence. We are open to planning a second cohort for the leadership training in the Summer term. If schools would like to get in touch with us to explore this, please do feel free to email.

Tammy Elward, Director 



Accessing your Bespoke Training Plan

Funding for Schools

To support schools to create their own training programmes based on individual needs, each school in the Mansfield and Ashfield area will be given funding pot with the Research School to buy into our wider open offer:

£500 per primary
£1,000 per secondary

Schools can access our open offer available on our website and at the point of booking, you can use the code MansAsh2022to ensure that the training will be fully funded up to the maximum funding pot per school. Any additional costs above the top end of the per school budget will be charged to the school.

What’s on offer?
Take a look at our full programme offer available on our website. This includes:
- Early Years Programme – 6 sessions (February – March)
- Feedback: Short Course for Primary– 3 sessions (April – May)
- Feedback: Short Course for Secondary– 3 sessions (March)
- Primary Oracy – 1 day (10th June)
- Secondary Oracy – 1 day (28th June)
- Dynamic Teacher in the 6th Form – 4 sessions (February – May)
- Making the Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils: PP Leadership – 7 sessions (May – July)
- Learning Behaviours – 6 sessions (April – June)

Do we have to spend the funding on one programme?

No, you can use the funding to book colleagues onto more than one programme. We would invite schools to consider their capacity to implement a number of initiatives when engaging with all funded programmes.

Can we access additional funding?

We are happy to work in partnership with schools so if you feel there is a sustained piece of work you would like to engage in, please feel free to approach us to see if we can support with additional support with our ELEs or funding opportunities for further training places. This might be in working with groups of schools.

What next?

Take a look at our website for upcoming training and book using the code MansAsh2022. If you would like to have a chat with the team, our Deputy Director will be happy to chat with you. Email her on amyford@​satrust.​com

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