Research School Network: Bespoke Offers for the Derby Opportunity Area 2021 2022 Funded Training Programmes for Derby Schools

Bespoke Offers for the Derby Opportunity Area 2021 2022

Funded Training Programmes for Derby Schools

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Derby Opportunity Area 2021 2022

UPDATED School Improvement Offers with the Derby Research School – January 2022

We are pleased to be working with the Derby Opportunity Area and a range of partners from across the system to offer a suite of school improvement opportunities. With start dates commencing after the October half term, we hope the programme offers help schools in their individual areas of need. 

See further details below or drill a bit deeper in our booklet overview CLICK HERE


KS2 Phonics Support in partnership with the Flying High English Hub

The programme offers the chance to develop the skills and knowledge of the literacy lead or KS2 lead in the implementation of targeted phonics and reading fluency interventions. There is also a £500 budget for schools to use to commission training with the phonics provider of their choice. 

KS2 English Writing and Reading Network in partnership in partnership with DDAT

In this last year, the support and training will support the network in responding to current and emerging needs including: Oracy; meeting the needs of our SEND and EAL learners; reviewing practice in light of the new DfE Reading Framework; and supporting schools to plan for sustainability.

Disciplinary Literacy for Secondary – Derby Research School

Following EEF’s Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools Guidance Report, the sessions will focus on the critical themes around: assessing reading fluency and implementing interventions; explicit teaching of vocabulary and oracy across the curriculum; creating a love of reading’ culture.


Primary Recovery Maths Offer – NCETM Ready to Progress’ Materials for Curriculum Prioritisation in partnership with our local Maths Hubs
The NCETM has recently published a substantial curriculum prioritisation resource for 2021/22, consisting of a curriculum map for each of Years 1 – 6 with accompanying downloadable PowerPoints (currently available for the first units). This wrap around course takes maths leaders and each phase across the school setting through a journey of self-audit to develop a curriculum that covers the full mathematics national curriculum but also prioritises those areas covered by the ready-to-progress criteria from the DfE guidance.

Primary Recovery Maths Offer – Teaching for Memory in Maths 

Join us for this short course event in Teaching for Memory in Maths’ – over two afternoon sessions, delve into the evidence base around memory and retention, and what the strongest research says about effective practice in maths. Explore practical strategies to boost your practice and support learners in retaining those important fluency facts.

Session 17th March 2022, 1 – 4pm
Unpicking theory on memory and memorisation, cognitive load, plus executive function

Session 230th March 2022, 1 – 4pm
Exploring practical strategies for reducing cognitive load in Maths lessons, reducing reliance on memorisation, and supporting recall. We will also look at the importance of fluency in arithmetic and times-tables and strategies for supporting this.

Curriculum development

Evidence Informed Approaches to Curriculum Development – Derby Research School

This is a 6 module course which will focus on the best bets for intent, implementation and impact of curriculum planning. Delegates will explore and engage with evidence around curriculum to ensure progression of pupils’ knowledge and skills.- We will engage with evidence from the realm of cognitive science about making learning stick.

- We will explore how our curriculums can effectively build cultural capital and put oracy at its heart to support our most vulnerable learners

- We will have an Ofsted-readiness session making sure our curriculum is grounded in solid implementation so that we can all articulate the intent behind our curriculum

Evidence Informed Approached to Curriculum Development – Live Case Studies
Live Case Studies: Visit 5 examples of whole school case studies from across Derby schools – capture their intent, implementation and impact to support collaboration and allow for reflection from looking at practice across our city

Evidence Informed Approached to Curriculum Development – Twilight Series

Our Quality of Education’ – the journey around articulating our curriculum intent, implementation and impact – is something schools have been wrestling with since the launch of the new inspection framework. How we construct and develop an ambitious curriculum to help our pupils to know more and remember more are key threads of thinking in our minds at present. Join our curriculum twilight series where we draw on key expertise and threads on how can we maximise learning to make the biggest impact.

Twilight series
TA and Inclusion

TA Training and Support: Leadership Training and TA Training – Derby Research School

Responding to questions and reflections from previous programmes, we are offering this leadership support programme and bespoke training for TAs to support schools in how we apply a laser-sharp focus on how we are maximising funding, supporting and developing our whole staff and ultimately diagnostically meeting the needs of our learners. Targeted at school leaders, including SENDCOs, the focus includes deployment in classrooms, intervention delivery and effective implementation of your strategy.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Accreditation in partnership Nottingham Trent University

Aims to enable participants to: Reflect on a setting’s current practice regarding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Demonstrate knowledge of the barriers that inhibit equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups; Identify remedial actions to inform strategic action planning that support improvements in providing opportunities for underrepresented groups

Please find attached our overview flyer with further information and details. If you would like to express an interest in any of these opportunities, please feel free to get in touch with the team – Tammy Elward, tammy.​elward.​derby@​researchschool.​org.​uk.

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