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Bradford Research School at Dixons Academies

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Bradford Research School at Dixons Academies works to improve educational outcomes for children within the Bradford Opportunity Area and ensure that all pupils have the same opportunities for success. We do this by supporting schools to make better use of evidence to inform their teaching, learning and decision making. We develop successful existing local networks and build new ones, offer training and provide personal support in order to bring about long term improvement in the classroom. Drawing on proven success and expertise across Bradford, we will prioritise training and innovation which is relevant to local schools.

In working with our Research School, you will be:

  • kept up to date with accessible summaries of evidence reports and trial evaluations
  • able to receive high quality, evidence-based training on locally relevant strategies
  • supported to use evidence to lead school improvement and improve your own classroom practice
  • connected with expertise from local schools, universities and national organisations
  • supported to carry out research to evaluate your own innovations
    part of a dynamic network working smarter to make a difference in Bradford.


To find out more about the support, training and events we offer, get in touch or sign up to receive news and updates from our newsletter.

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