28 Jun 2018

Improving Science Teaching

Improving Science Teaching

A 3-day programme aimed at Science Leaders in MATs, secondary schools, and primary schools, and Science teachers in secondary schools.

With a renewed focus on Science in primary schools and the introduction of more challenging GCSE and A level courses, combined with linear assessment, pupils are tasked with learning more and retaining it for longer.

We look at the new EEF science guidance report in depth, taking time to explore each of its recommendations in details, audit your school’s current practice, and decide how to implement change. Time will be given throughout the training to relate the ideas to your own school situation.

This course is based around the EEF science guidance report and is unique in that it is the ONLY course nationally which is led by one of the team who put together the report.

Further information on content will be provided once the report is published in September 2018.

COST: £295

11 January 2019
15 March 2019
28 June 2019

You will not be invoiced until after Day Two of the course.