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IEE Inovation Evaluation Grants

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IEE Innovation Evaluation Grants were funded by the Institute for Effective Education (IEE), to support pilot evaluations of innovations of teaching and learning approaches based on the Research Schools Network’s goal of improving the attainment of pupils by increasing the use of evidence-based practices.

The first four were awarded in February 2017, and since then a further 26 projects have been successful in their application for an IEE Innovation Evaluation Grant, bringing the total number to 30. The applications we received included a wide range of interesting, school-led innovations – from after-school film clubs to improve the creative writing of Year 5 pupils, to the use of audio feedback with Year 12 pupils – and we were really impressed with the thought that applicants had put into how these innovations could be evaluated.

The evaluations are small-scale, and test the kinds of innovations that schools are interested in. This is very much a bottom-up” exercise, allowing schools to get some indicative evidence behind real-world initiatives.

Many evaluations are now coming to an end, and the IEE are starting to publish reports on the findings. It is important remember that these are small-scale projects, often carried out in one school, so it is not possible to generalise their findings. In fact, the main benefit of the Innovation Evaluation projects may be in the process, rather than the findings.

Find out more about the Innovation Evaluation projects that the IEE have funded:

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