Tools for evidence based practice: EEF’s promising projects pages

23 February 2018

What is it?

The Promising Projects section on EEF’s website is a collection of EEF evaluation reports that have demonstrated a positive impact on pupil attainment in English schools. There are sixteen projects showcased – approximately 20% of EEF’s published trials – ranging from early years to Key Stage 4 and focusing on a variety of topics: literacy, numeracy, writing, metacognition, oral language.

What is it for?

The Promising Projects would be a useful place to start for teachers who are considering investing in an intervention to address a specific issue in their school. With a positive impact from a randomised controlled trial in an English school setting, the Promising Projects provide a level of evidence that is likely to be much higher than many other packaged interventions can provide.

Practical next steps…

There are very few projects on the site compared to the vast range of options available for schools to purchase, so what if there is nothing that addresses the need in your school? Reading some of the Promising Project evaluation reports, particularly the ‘process evaluation’ section, can provide useful insights into why a particular intervention worked. By drawing out these principles and applying them for your own bespoke interventions in school may be a pragmatic way to approach it. A good example of how this might be done with out of class interventions using Teaching Assistants is outlined on page 24 in the EEF Guidance Report on Teaching Assistants.

Posted on 23 February 2018
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